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let's get a check of our weather with tucker barnes. he will give us the latest on this hot, humid day ahead. >> you got it right. hot and humid forecast, with temperatures back into the 90s. we haven't gotten rid of them yet. and hot before a gradual cooldown this weekend. 74 degrees at reagan national. not too bad. a mild start. outside of the beltway lows in the 60s. humidity up, we do get rain across parts of the area yesterday and that contributing to fog. pressure is rising 30.19 inches. looking at our satellite radar, you'll notice that the shower and thunderstorm activity that muched through the region -- that moved through the region last night is off the coast and now just a few clouds working through the viewing area off to the north and west and a couple of light sprinkles near the pennsylvania border. so here is forecast, partly cloudy to start the day and
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mostly sunny this afternoon. and hot. our average high temperature in the upper 70s. we're talking about low 90s out there the next couple of days. mostly sunny and hot and humid. sit for the daytime high. we could flirt with records around here. more details in a minute. back to you. our top story this morning. in 12 hours the commonwealth of virginia will execute the first woman contact in a century. tearicea lewis was sentenced to death for providing sex and money to two men who killed her husband and stepson in october of 2002. she wanted her family members dead so she could collect $250,000 in insurance. she is scheduled to die by lethal injection tonight in jarrett. bob mcdonnell has declined a request for clemency by her
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lawyers. this would be the first execution of a woman in virginia since 1912. out of more than 1200 people put to death since capital punishment was reinstated back in 1986, only 11 have been women. a community is mourning the loss of a mother and two young kids. fairfax county firefighters found their body on the second floor of a home. ally anderson was able to save her three other children. she handed them out to her uncle down below but she never returned when she went back for her other sons. there is a temporary memorial outside of the home. an eviction in d.c. turned out to be a much bigger job than expected. the woman targeted is a hoarder and had enough stuff to fill ten homes. a virginia moving company volunteered to store it. filled up three trucks actually. the city has agreed to store
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the rest. another big story we are following this morning. the nation's new him law turned six turn -- matt acland is live from the capitol. >> reporter: the new benefits, just to be brief here, parents can cover their kids up to 26 years of age. you can not turn away someone with pre-existing medical seasons and also prescreening and preventative medicine will likely lost less to millions of americans. but the republicans are planning to launch a new initiative today basically saying that this health care reform is wrong and they have the right idea heading right into the mid-term elections. it may be time to queue the music and hand out the flags
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again for republicans. just like they did here in 1994. with then soon to be leader newt gingrich about to lead. >> the american people will resonate with this document and they'll want us to implement what they read. there is even a website to promote the new pledge to america. a set of final arguments covering everything from lower taxes and less spending to repealing the new national health care law. >> within the first year we're seeing evidence this is not the only way to go. >> it came after the president touted the health care law. parts of which democrats hope will soon begin to resonate with a still skeptical public. >> part of the affordable care act that we can implement right now and will take effect -- is it today or tomorrow? >> it is today. and perhaps it's no coincidence
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that republicans carry some of the spirit that drove them to success 16 years ago. when it comes to the health care costs, a lot of the health cares and democrats are talking about the economy, the national debt. the president believes that had health care reform will reduce the national debt but republicans say no, it will cost americans individually more money as we go along. bob, on capitol hill, matt acland, fox 5 news. back to you. and we are finding out what president obama will say when he addresses world leaders at the united nations and he will warn world leaders if no agreement is reached palestinians will never know the pride and dignity for their own state. he gives the speec an hour. a navy seal in our area has died in afghanistan. brendan loony was among nine troops killed in southern afghanistan. no word on what caused the
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chopper to go down. he grew up in montgomery county and attended high school in riverdale and played on the football team as a wide receiver and defensive back in the 1990s. >> he was our co-captain. and just a great leader, a great young man. just a super, super human being. >> he was born to be a navy seal and sure enough, he gave his life being a seal. >> he leaves behind a wife, his parents and five brothers and sisters. he was 29 years old. hundreds of people diagnosed with cancer within a few miles of fort detrick. last night community members went on the hunt for answers but walked away without any and our camera wasn't even welcome. so what gives here? roz plater has more. >> reporter: this is home video from a frederick resident of a hotel management taking our photographer off the property. they post aid no video sign
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outside of the meeting. randy white, who is head of the christian renee foundation named for his daughter who died declared it unfair. he said so many residents who couldn't attend were looking for answers. >> 700 people to have cancer, including my daughter who died two years ago, and their mother who is going to be dying any day, and it doesn't make news and yet they keep the video hout. i can't believe this is america, that we don't have freedom of speech. they say it's open to the public but they put it in that little tiny room and they kept people out by the police department when they said the public was invited. there is something wrong with that. >> his organization just took out two full page ads in the frederick paper, calling for resignation. claiming they knew about ground water contamination years ago
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but didn't tell the public. but the base has been involved in ground water remediation since 1992, nfc it relayed to the newspapers. after the meeting the restoration board would not talk about the cancer but announced it is starting an arc rival study. a study that could take years. virginia says she's not sure she has that kind of time. >> i have a cancer that has no cure. i can live maybe five years or 20 years. i don't know, it depending on how good and how many studies i get into, to hang in there. but i don't know if i have five years to get an answer. and i would like to see them work a lot faster than this. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: roz plater, fox 5 news. >> the frederick health department has been trying to figure out if there is a chancer cluster in and around fort detrick. and the results are due out
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october 4th. and we are raising money for children's national medical center this morning. >> and our partners over at mix 107.3 are holding a radiothon all day today. tony perkins is out at children's hospital. how is it going? >> we are having a great time. jack diamond is not here. he is under the weather. no pun intended. but we're having a good time, nonetheless we are here. and can we introduce everybody? >> sure. >> reporter: step up and interdue you. >> chillia mar. >> reporter: and are you having a good time. >> i am having a great time and thank you for supporting us. >> reporter: and we hear you in the afternoon with carson. >> yeah. 3:00 to 7:00. >> reporter: jimmy is here. i wore my tie just because it matches jimmy's shirt.
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how are you? >> i'm not as fashionable as you. we are glad for those to call 877-999-1073 and it was the geico power hour and they doubled the amount if of those who donated. >> reporter: is christie doing a report? that's christie doing the traffic. here is ally. how are you? >> great to see you again. >> reporter: are you coloring? >> yes. daisy and i we're coloring right now. let's go. is what we're writing. call now. >> reporter: and john is here as well from middays. and this is your ship coming up. let's count the amount. >> thank you for keeping the donations coming. it's been great so far. >> reporter: the last hour was successful and where do we stand now?
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>> last hour, we had the bar set high at 100. and we beat the 100. the energy in this room is palpable and it's because the entire group here which we consider a family, fox 5 is part of the family today and we're so glad to have a partner. the sky is the limit today and i believe we can make a miracle happen soo call 877-999-1073. we have a lot of day to go. >> you are here until 7:00 this evening and the number -- you have to remember the number. 877-999-1073. chilly, you've had a chance to meet the families and town to the children and when you hear the stories that is what it makes the phones ring. >> and what struck me, the first question they ask is what is wrong with your child and what can we do to help, not where is your insurance card. you don't have to worry about, a heavy weight lifted off your
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heart and they'll focus on your child and baby and make sure your child will be okay. >> reporter: it is all about the children. jimmy, what is the website. >> go to mix 107.3, key word kids and donate there. >> reporter: christie and ally, who is busy and not paying attention. >> they are teaching ally something. >> reporter: the radiothon comes up. back to you guys. >> thanks, tony. it is a question that has been swirling since the d.c. mayoral election last week. will michelle rhee stay after add re and fenty leaves office. we make it a better idea today and we'll explain. plus it was called the dream act. now the bill is dead for now but the debate does continue. up next we'll talk with someone who has studied immigrant communities in our region. more on the impact and what it means. we're back in a moment. 
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council chairman vincent gray and school chancellor michelle rhee are scheduled to meet for the first time since gray won the democratic primary for mayor. now it will be a closed discussion at city hall at noon. gray has said her future would rely heavily on that conversation. allison? >> thank you so much, sarah. well the dream act would have allowed young immigrants to legally remain in the united states if they attended college or joined the military but the measure was attached to a defense spending bill that failed to pass the senate. so what is next? there are those who believe that young adults who were brought here by their parents should be allowed to become part of the american dream. and others who believe just as firmly that the parents shouldn't be rewarded, critics words, for legally bringing their children here in the
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first place. our next guest deborah shooticca is from george mason university and she's worked with students facing immigration. as a researcher she's studied immigrant communities here in our area and is the author of border lands. and we wanted to bring a unique perspective to this issue. good morning and thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> what are the implications of this not passing and what does it mean. and if it was just brought before congress now, will anything change? >> well at the moment this is a tragedy for a group of students working and they are the innocent victims of the failure of our immigration laws to be eligible for the dream act, the students had to have been brute here before their 15th birthday, lived here five years and these are students who have finished high school, they have
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no criminal record. most of them want to go on to college but they are unable to do that. they would like to drive and become productive members of society and they see the united states as their home. in some cases these are children who have no memory of their native born homeland and north america is their home and they would like to become full members of the society. >> and we used to hear anchor babies, about people coming to the country and having babies and the babies are guaranteed safe haven, that is where they were born. but this is a different conditional together. >> these are people not born if the united states and brought here as minors. in a lot of cases you find that when people make a decision to live in the united states, and as undocumented residents, they bring their children along because they don't want to miss their children growing up. the children have no decision.
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they have been brought here because the parents made the decision. so they were innocent and weren't able to make the decision of whether or not they prefer to held on their own country. >> well some might say now they have an opportunity to become citizens or to just -- why not just take the test and do that. how difficult is that step and is this a population that feels like -- this is my home, why should i have to do that. what is the psychology behind that and what can these children now do you to become legal residences, if that's what they must do? >> well apart from the dream act, it's a large misconception that there is a line that the undocumented can get into to become legal permanent residents of the united states. there is no line. marley for children our immigration laws are that children become authorized in the united states through parents. so we're talking about parents who cannot support them that
9:20 am
way. the dream act would allow them an opportunity to start a path towards citizenship. now what it does, it doesn't make them legal permanent residents, it's provisional. they have six years in which they either have to attend college or a higher degree or two years in the military. and at the end of the six years if they haven't done the things they are supposed to do, then they will not continue to have the provisional residency. so it's safe. we're not sticking our necks out for people who might not do the right thing. either they do the right thing or they don't. >> and it would have given that people under the dream act could serve the country. and interesting psychological play when they say this isn't really your country.
9:21 am
it's just a very interesting dynamic. >> and it's very sad. i had a student at george mason a few years ago whose father had been a bip low matt. and he was taking classes and doing very well and his father had passed away and it put him in immigration limbo. and because of that he had to be sent home to bangladesh and he said he hadn't been there since he was 6 years old and he no memory of it. and he was frightened by his possibilities. america was his home. and he was doing what we would like good citizens to do, to become productive members of society or serve in the military. >> very interesting topic. that's the time that we have. do you think this is dead? >> for now. but i think it's the best thing that we can do toward solving our immigration problems so my hope is that it will be revisited very soon. >> deborah latonsy, thank you
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for coming in. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you. a mexican sports reporter who said she got cat calls in the new york giants locker room is lashing out at the agency that came to her aid. we'll tell you why she is so upset. and holly is getting ready for fall this morning. >> we are getting ready to do the official tapping of the keg as we are live at lieu and great brewing company where all ale and lagers are brewed here. that's all live later. [ quinn ] my name is quinn, and this is my eggo. on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles
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late october or early november. several weeks earlier than first estimated. questions over a small town's outrageous salaries is turning into a criminal case. it's going on in bell city, california. but the court hearings are in l.a. now most of the council members are accused of padding their pockets with city money and charged with mismanaging more than $50 million in bond funds. the council members only worked part-time but some had salaries nearing a million dollars a year. the mexican sports reporter who said she got cat calls in the new york jets locker room is lashing out against the agency that came to her aid. inez seanz said she was shaken but it happy with the way the nfl handled the situation. there will be a program on proper, professional behavior.
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lending a hand to make sick kids well again. and we'll have more on how you can make a difference. and it may not feel like it, but fall is here. and derek thomas joins us with how to prep your lawn for next spring. we have much more ahead this morning. don't go away. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors.
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on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with a quick smoodge of cream cheese... at least that part's easy. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ louise ] l'eggo my eggo. we are teaming up with mix 107.3 to raise money for children's national medical center. and our own tony perkins is at children's this morning helping out. tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have met some great kid this is morning and heard some amazing stories about some of the care that this hospital has given to some people. we are with another family now. joining me to my right is alexander. how are you? >> good. >> reporter: and his sister tess. how are? >> good. >> reporter: am i right you are twins? >> yes.
9:31 am
>> reporter: how old are you? >> seven. >> reporter: seven years old. and mom is here. this is danica theodore- roucous. let me start with you. tell me what brought you to children's and what your experience has been like here? >> well we came to children's after the children were three, on a recommendation from their infant and toddler therapist to see a doctor of physical medicine and we've been coming in ever since. and we live about an hour away, but i'm so grateful that we have this wonderful facility, pretty much in our backyard. >> reporter: it's a long commute. you're coming three days a week now. >> three days a week we come to therapy. and that won't be that intensive for very long. but they're going through treatments and they require intensive therapy afterwards but its all been good. and its all been so worth it.
9:32 am
and everybody here is just -- has just been wonderful. >> reporter: well let's talk about that. alexander tell me, with the time you spent here, it's generally not fun to go to the hospital, but you -- do you manage to make it fun? do you have a good time. >> it's always fun. because therapy is -- because therapy is games that help you exercise. so you have to do things. >> reporter: to make your muscles better and stronger. >> so you don't hit your head. [ overlapping speakers ] >> and there are games that they tell you how to play. and you exercise, like if you grab on to the balls, and they make you have to hold on. >> reporter: so they make it fun. are the doctors real nice? >> yeah. one time i was on a ball and i
9:33 am
fell off and i was like-pah. and then it was like oh, man. and then we start over again. >> reporter: do you want people to -- we've been talking about people calling in to give money to the hospital. it costs a lot of money to run a big hospital and you want to tell people they need to do that? >> yeah. because this place is good. i like this place. >> reporter: alexander do you want to give the phone number? >> i'll do it at the same time. >> reporter: okay. go ahead. >> 877-999-1073. >> reporter: there you go. you are great. happy to meet you. do you have something else to say? >> i just wanted to say -- please donate money for kids
9:34 am
like us. >> reporter: wonderful. and i think people are doing that. thank you both so much and danica as well. >> i have one thing. >> reporter: you have one thing else? >> yes. and [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it is like a commercial. but it's a commercial for a good cause. i have to go. here is the number again, 877- 999-1073 and go online to, key word kids. they are going to broadcast from here. back to you in the studio. >> that's all you need. >> you got it. >> all you need is those two. that's fantastic. thanks tony and good luck to the folks out there and the good money. and today is going to feel like summer, even though it is the first day of fall. >> you said it all. it's going to feel like summer with high temperatures back in the 90s. >> here we go again. >> and don't get used to it
9:35 am
because we have fall weather on the horizon here. but first record high temperatures. >> i'm embracing it. >> back to yesterday, showing you the high temperatures from yesterday because we'll be right there again today, back into the 90s. 94 at reagan national. the asterisk was a record at dulles and bwi marshall at 91. not quite as warm today. a few clouds will hold temperatures down a degree or two, but still lows for afternoon temperatures. our average high temperature this time of year is only in the upper 70s, so you get the idea when it's 9:30 in the morning and we're talking about mid-70s. fredericksberg 72. annapolis is 73. and in leonardtown we are 73. so again hot today. we're dealing with the possibility of record high temperatures tomorrow. and then some cooler air by the weekend and that's in the form of a cold front. it will take its time getting here. it's still a couple of days
9:36 am
away. and it will arrive on saturday. and up ahead of it, not a lot going on. showers isolated off the coast and off to the north and west a couple of light sprinkles and cloud cover across the central sections of maryland. once we get rid of that, it should be a mostly sunny afternoon and a rather quiet weather pattern, or hot weather pattern. it's not just washington, the southeast up into new england, expecting high temperatures in the 80s and 90s later today. so unseasonably warm for a couple more days and then we'll start this cooldown which will have high temperatures around here on sunday and monday only in the 90s. 91 your afternoon high temperature hot and humid. with winds out of the north and west at about 5 miles per hour. and then your five-day forecast: of course tomorrow the possibility of record heat. 94 the day-time high. saturday cooler and 85 with sunshine. cloud cover increases, sunday
9:37 am
and monday highs only in the 70s. maybe some much-needed rain late in the day monday and monday night. that's a look at the forecast. now let's say hi to sarah and derek. we need the rain. >> we do need the rain. a lot of people's lawns right now may look something like this over here. but i have to tell you, this is the time even though it feels warm outside, this is the time we head into fall so think of your lawn to make sure it looks like this next year. but a lot of people around here have some hard, clay-like soil as well. tell us what we need to do to make sure we have a luscious lawn. >> well, you're absolutely right. fall is the time to get things going. the roots are starting to get geared up for next year, you have the little rye zones forming and next to next year's grass. soil is an issue in the area.
9:38 am
and if you add -- gypsum, it will help mold it into clay. if not, you can work the soil, add some top soil and add sod. and we were talking about this before the segment. sod comes pregrown, you roll it out, i want to till the soil about 2-3 inches and then roll this out. the most importance thing is to make sure that for the next two weeks you water, water and water. because you want to make sure the roots get settled in. now say that your lawn looks like everybody else because we've had six or eight weeks without good rain and you want to take advantage of this time of the year. some of the things you can do, this is called ironnite, it
9:39 am
will help raise the iron. some of the things that are happening right now and the reason it's compacted is because it's inefficient. and this is a pelleted line and this will not burn and what you want to do with that is tape that and springle across the lawn. our soils tend to be acidic and it will help neutralize that. this is a very slow-release fertilizer. the nitrogen is going to work all over the winter and there are a number of products like that out there that are called fall lawn fertilizers. >> and if you have bare spots, this is the time to -- to recede. >> you do want to work the soil and you'll take it and work that soil and see how that is
9:40 am
nice and loose. and that's your bare spot. what you will do is thicken the seed because the birds will find it and help themself to some. >> quickly because we're going to run out of time. >> you have some compost dressing and water it. >> and don't air rate every year. >> you don't need to. >> derek thomas from thomas landscape. thank you for joining us. we'll be right back. you're watching fox 5 morning news.
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a thief in ohio tried to get away with thousands of dollars of stuff from a wal- mart store by diving into a dumpster to get away from police. then 40 minutes later they get an urgent call from the thief's friend that a dump truck had picked him up and he is screaming and complaining that
9:44 am
he is dying. even each time the truck compacts it's load. and the police found him buried in the trash and he is recovering at a cleveland hospital. he would not have survive -- survived that trip to the dump. don't do that. don't steal. organizers wore two planned political rallies in the district may be bigger than expected. stewart plans to hold a rally to restore sanity and colbert will hold a march. they expected the number of people to attend from 25,000 to 60,000. >> that will be funny. and fall is here and there is no better way to bring in the season with the fall fast val. holly is live at octoberfest, a celebration you don't want to miss here in our area this weekend. and she is the author of
9:45 am
the shopaholic series. sophie con sella joins us to talk about her newest book, the mini shopaholic. >> i was raised on them. >> a couple of them actually. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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you can believe we are a week away from octoberfest. holly more sis celebrating in fredericksberg, virginia, where they are getting ready for their annual octoberfest event going on tomorrow night and saturday and holly has been having fun out there. she's been tapping the keg. everything is going on. >> reporter: we're waiting for you to tap the keg. i don't know what we'll do without you. >> thanks for waiting. >> reporter: i got your back, sarah. a lot of times people ask, why is octoberfest in september and it really all has to do with when the brew is ready. now this all started over in germany, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the octoberfest.
9:49 am
so whenever that seasonal brew is ready, that's when they celebrate the brew and so we are celebrating this morning at the blue and gray brew pub and we brought in the man of the hour. this is the brewmaster, this is madison hill. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: great name by the way. i like it. tell me about this year's brew. >> well this year we've made a octoberfest beer that is big in mulch and we've german imported malt and hops. a very well balanced beer and medium bodied beer that should be nice and should go down easy. >> reporter: that's the kind we like. so let's do this whole tapping thing. how does it work? >> well basically i'm going to stick it in right here and then we are going to hammer it in with the mallet. and then everything should go forward then. we have to make sure it's closed first. >> reporter: we hope it goes to
9:50 am
plan. maybe it's more fun when it doesn't go as planned. >> maybe i should use one of you. could you hold that. >> reporter: there is our official keg holder back there in his octoberfest ware. it is in. that's it? that was easy. when does it flow? >> as soon as you tell it to. >> reporter: and bopsy, tell me about what you are wearing. >> these are the native dresses and this is typical what the woman would wear when they go to octoberfest or you would see the german waitresses. >> reporter: i've heard about those beer houses. >> yes. >> reporter: i've heard about them. so let's go ahead and fill these up. and now we'll talk about the stein contest? how does that work. >> well the stein contest is you fill up a mug and you hold it out straight. >> reporter: let's do it. >> and how long you can hold it
9:51 am
out there for. >> reporter: and we'll see who can hold it the longest. i thought it had to do with how many signs you could carry in one hand. this is to do with brute strength. madison, how do you know it tastes good? have you tasted it prior to the tapping? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: had you a presampling? >> we call it quality control. >> reporter: i got you. very good. it looks pret -- it looks pretty good. and you have to do a liter. >> in germany you would get a liter and fill it up with beer and it weighs over 4.5 pounds. >> reporter: i heard that. >> and the waitresses are care carrying 8-10 mugs at a time. they have to be strong. they do it for 9-14 hours every day. >> reporter: oh, my gosh.
9:52 am
that is amazing. okay, ready. so hold those out there, ladies. ready, set, go. and so it begins. we're off the air at 10:00 so that's good news for you guys. is -- let me show you my wayaran pretzel. there is a link to the octoberfest celebration going on -- the celebration going on here. this is the new spot. you want to come check it out. meanwhile we're going to see how long our ladies can hold it? do we have any quivering going on there? we'll see. i'll let you know how it all fares. let me take a little sip and make it lighter. i would do that for you, if you need me to. >> you need to taste test. let us know how it is. well millions of readers of all ages have fallen in love with the very popular
9:53 am
shopaholic series feeting you are becky wood. and the new author is out with a new book called the mini shopaholic after four years. joining us from new york is author sophie con swell os. >> good morning. >> i know your loyal readers were demanding the latest book and it's here. it's called mini choppa scholic. tell us about it. >> this is the latest adventure for becky and her biggest challenge yet and her little girl is quite a shopping partner and she has her hands full. and not only that it's the recession and i want to keep it real to life so she's trying to slightly reform her ways and cut back and shop less and she even have a lot of business going on. >> hillarity must ensue because you don't go from ruling the
9:54 am
stores to barter your goods. and that image is funny. and she's planning to be a good wife. she's planning something special for her husband. >> she is a busy lady. she's house hunting because she's still living with her parents. she's planning a massive surprise party on a budget and she ends up doing all kinds of shenanigans getting that off the ground. she's trying to keep secrets of luke but mini is 2 years old old and a blabber mouth and meanwhile shopping all the way. >> i love it. >> interesting times. >> i must say, we hear that people aren't reading as much as they used to, we have all of the distractions now and electronics. and i know that you've heard this, but it's estimated that every 25 seconds somebody picks up one of your books. what do you attribute this success to? is this just the dynamic characters? what do you think? >> i have no idea. i heard that. i was absolutely blown away. i think people just relate to becky and i think she's feel-
9:55 am
good. i think if i can attribute any success, it's that they are feel-good and it gained from real life. and for a while you can forget your troubles and enjoy the troubles of somebody else because becky has troubled in gazillions. she's always getting into scrapes. it's an optimistic feel to the book. there always a -- there is always a happy ending. it's a feel-good place. i like being in that world myself. >> me too. and i must ask you before i let you go, the inspiration for becky, did that come from you or someone you know. >> little bits of me, bits of my sister and friends and all of my friends who love shopping, but the more she is her own person. there is no one else like becky bloomwood. >> thank you very much. we know you're busy but we appreciate it. and sophie, you're wonderful.
9:56 am
thank you again. >> thank you so much. thanks. >> two years old. and we'll be back in a moment for another check of your forecast. stay with us. thkeac[ n ] my name is quin,
9:57 am
and this is my eggo. on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. [ whispering ] i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car.
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[ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ quinn ] l'eggo my eggo. [ louise ] my name is louise and this is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with a quick smoodge of cream cheese... at least that part's easy. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ louise ] l'eggo my eggo.
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all right, welcome back. as we take another live look down at the national -- the children's national medical center where tony perkins has been broadcasting live all morning long. we are looking for your donation today. if you could call in, we would love to hear from you the call in your donation to 877-999- 1073 or please call in. that would be great. >> they're doing it until 7:00 this evening. i believe they're radiothon. nice weather this afternoon. it will be hot and sunny and bright. high temperature about 91 degrees. could be dealing

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